My Portfolio

WordPress Website Thumb

WordPress Website 

This is a WordPress-built website: designed for seamless readability on mobile devices, it delivers targeted messaging and clear calls to action to boost conversions effortlessly.

WordPress Landing Page

WordPress Landing Page

This is a landing page built with WordPress. This landing page ensures easy readability on smartphones and tablets, with targeted messaging and clear calls to action designed to boost conversions.

HTML Email

HTML Email

This HTML email is designed to be mobile responsive, ensuring easy readability on smartphones and tablets while also reducing eye strain in low-light environments.

About Me

I specialize in developing HTML emails and working with various CMS platforms, particularly WordPress. With a background in Graphic Design, I bring a design-focused approach to my work, ensuring visually appealing and effective digital communications.

Things I'm Good At

  • HTML Emails
  • Leveraging my experience in responsive HTML email development, I design emails that look stunning and function perfectly on any device or email platform, including Outlook. This ensures a positive user experience for all your recipients.

  • WordPress
  • I have extensive experience creating and managing website pages, each with unique themes and plugins, including Elementor. This adaptability allows me to quickly grasp your brand identity and craft a website that perfectly reflects your vision.

  • Graphic Design
  • I hold an Associate's degree in Graphic Communications, providing me with a comprehensive understanding of design principles. I leverage this knowledge alongside my strong proficiency in Photoshop and other design software.